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i love when such an occasion means nothing

Its new years eve, my sister went to a party at bens, i would have gladley went but its invatation only, so forget that, and for some reason none of my relatives are going to boston, whcih they usally do, so forget that too. Iv been hanging out all day, watching movies, i didnt go anywhere today, i havnt steped out of this house once, iv been talking to friends online and listening to all my music, mostly beatles, usally i wouldnt listen to so much beatles but i like to hear msuic that matches my moods.

i updated my myspace account and set everything, i will eventually get more pictures to put in, but its cool for now, its pretty fun, if you have an account there, add me you silly droogs, i will add you back, i dont care who you are, IMA ADD EVERYONE

well new years eve ill be online, from now till 12:00, not going anywhere or doing anything because thats how my life works, and if it didnt, i dont know how it would at all. have a happy new year everyone, i hope 2005 goes well.

- Last i just wanna say im sorry, mabye sometimes i dont realize how much im not doing, or maby i do but i dont care cause i never think about anyone else, your right.
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