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wooof im tired

well i went to battle of the bands friday night, it was acctually alot better than i thought. The bands were all great, i went backstage and talked to all of them and got some drumsticks and picks, and i talked to my cousin john who's a bassist, i talked to him for the first time in like 5 years, so that was cool. I also met up with some of my droogs and hung with them too, i gave my one drumstick to patt though, arent i a giving person?

yeah so i hung wiht dylan, steve, another steve, nick, jeff, corey, and mike, it was pretty fun, i saw alot of people i knew <33

my sister wanted to go, she was wooof sick so she didnt, and paula wanted to go but she was woooof grounded, sorry love, wish you were there <3.

paula's card <33333333333333333333333
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