LOVE-TheKindYouCantSee <3 (dead_by_dawn_xx) wrote,
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brian sheehan is moving somewhere really close to me, a few houses down, my sister is friend with his sister kelly, ahahah fine.

god band practice soon? bored i am =( haha not cool
i love updating wiht nothing on mind
i went through tina's old cd collection, go sugar ray and LFO!

i dont think snoop dogg would like this music, he'd be like, change the channel....biotch
yeah beavis and butthead it good on mtv2 <3

thanks i love you, and my new bus =)

In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away
And if we make a little space
A science fiction showcase
In our short film, a love disgrace
Dream a scene to brighten face
In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad, just to throw it away
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