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first, john and mike, came over my house, and me my brother and them all took my bro's car for a joyride

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mike got shotgun

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my brother drove

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theres my brothers car

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theres mike wacthing those burnouts that that kid was doing, dont remember his name

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and theres him doing the burnouts, we were in the back of cvs, and the cops eventaully showed up so we had to go, it was a fucking close one

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theres corey, my best friend <3, and me & him went to steves today, and his brother patt says im a roadie for his band, which is good, waiting for the band t shirt.
Since iv been gone from livejournal, life has changed, i listen to new music, amd the mall every friday wiht the crew is what i do, and what i will do.

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goodnight america, live well- derek
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